Jules Peacocke:

Jules chose to become a hairdresser because she loved the personalities: creative, unique, and not afraid to be who they were.

Inspired by style, fashion and design, hairdressing felt like coming home to Jules.
A veteran of the hair and makeup industry, Jules spent the first part of her career perfecting all aspect of colouring and precision cutting in New Zealand and in the UK. Her passion however is providing clients with impeccable in-salon experiences and paying the industry back through her commitment to education and development of her employees. Starting her first salon business, Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup over 20 years ago, Jules is the perfect person to honour and progress the People Hairdressing brand, founded by Hamish Glianos.

Amajjika Kumara:

Amajjika has a background in business and marketing but has spent the last 12 years supporting Jules in the management of their “little big” business enterprises. Life partners with a young son, Jules and Amajjika’s approach to providing customers with exceptional customer service experiences is founded on they motto: real people really beautiful hair.

It doesn’t matter who you are, our team of professionals are people who can relate to you, your needs and desires and take you on the ultimate hair journey!