Jules and Amajjika are the new owners of People Hairdressing.


Creative Director

Handsome, Charming, Charismatic… These are just some of the words that sum up this cheeky, tattooed English Fella.

With 17 years in the industry, Sam travels the globe playing hairdresser, being requested all over the world for his informal and entertaining approach to the way he delivers education…


Technical Director

Blue commenced her career over 25 years ago with the highly acclaimed UK salon, Vidal Sassoon in London.

Not long after qualifying Blue was invited to become an educator at the London Vidal Sassoon Academy…


Master Stylist

Samantha originally trained in an academy in the South of England, to then continue in education under Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. Moving to London is where her career really took off, gaining a wealth of hairdressing experience that ranges from building an in-salon clientele, wedding hair and makeup on weekends, styling  for music videos, photoshoots, advertising, celebrity, to runway.


Master Stylist

Nadine attained the title of German Master for Hairdressing 8 years ago in Berlin and is passionate about her work and continually honing her craft. Whether it’s perfect seamless balayage or precision hair cuts, her clients are overjoyed with the results of their transformation appointments with Nadine.  Being obsessed about hair from a young age, she has travelled the world and has now decided to call Sydney (and Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup), home.


Master Stylist

With a mixed ethnic background of east meets west, Kawada’s experience and appreciation for the diversity of culture, colour and beauty in the world gives him endless inspiration that he devotes to his craft. Drawing from the wisdom of Picasso, Kawada’s personal mantra in his work is to “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”.



Growing up in a pretty special place – Cape Town, South Africa, surrounded by nature, wild life and a wide variety of cultures and languages is where Candice’s passion was ignited for all things colourful and creative.