Your Haircut, Your Personality, Your life

Hairdressing styles and trends come and go but the disciplines and elements of a good haircut don’t.

Social media images on Instagram and facebook can hide a myriad of haircutting sins, and it’s only when you try to style a haircut that is poorly executed when a bad haircut becomes apparent.

A great haircut comes from a great hairdresser who has received excellent training and is passionate about their profession.

Our team of hairdressers have completed extensive training, many with years of experience and mastery in cutting hair. Our stylists continually seek creative inspiration keeping them passionate and on top of the latest trends and techniques.

With an immense passion for hairdressing and advanced skills, our hair salon is driven towards excellence.

Tell us what you want, what you really, really want…

At People, we pride ourselves on our hair cut consultations: we analyse your hair type, hair health, face shape and current haircut. We listen to you, find out about your lifestyle needs and your ability to spend time styling. We encourage you to gift yourself the extra time of a transformation haircut if you feel like a big change.

Our goal is to always create a haircut that suits you and your lifestyle, making you look and feel great and will have you leaving bad hair days behind.

Whether you are going from long hair to short hair, short to long or anything in between, People hairdressers will take any hairstyle or hair type and create a haircut that you will be able to take care of on your own. Our stylists will also let you know how long your haircut will last so that it stays looking beautiful and healthy from haircut to haircut.


You might want it, but will it look good?

You can also count on honesty from the stylists at People Hairdressing. Some haircuts and hair styles won’t work as well with fine hair and they do with thick hair, just as some shaped faces can carry a certain style better than others. Our stylists have the experience and knowledge to interpret what you love about a haircut or hairstyle, explain how the different elements will or won’t work for you and personalise the haircut to suit your face and hair type.

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