No Fuss – Permanent Hair Straightening

You can achieve shiny, hassle-free, smooth or pin straight hair that is low maintenance.

Hair straightening is different to hair smoothing.

At People Hairdressing we offer both.

Both treatments are heat activated and require specific shampoo and conditioners to maintain results and hair health: this means best results are achieved with the use of heat styling aids such as blow dryers and irons.

How Permanent Hair Straightening Works

The solutions used in the Permanent Hair Straightening permanently straightens the hair by physically changing the internal structure of the hair. During the process we apply heat with a flat iron which creates the permanent straight shape.

Not all hair is suitable for permanent hair straightening, and results will differ from person to person. For this reason, we require you to complete this hair history questionnaire below and provide a hair image prior to attending a complimentary consultation where we assess suitability and obtain a hair strand sample to confirm hair health and processing times.

Upon completion of the strand test, we send you the results and provide you a quotation.

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