Get Smoother More Manageable Hair

Hair smoothing otherwise known as a Keratin smoothing treatment is a semi-permanent, heat activated treatment that smoothens the hair strands significantly, eliminates frizz, makes hair shiny, improves hair health and reduces the time needed to style hair.

Please note that hair smoothing is different to hair straightening. At People we offer both.

Hair smoothing is semi-permanent and is referred to as Keratin smoothing treatment whereas Hair Straightening is a permanent hair treatment. We use a Japanese Hair Straightening to achieve this.


How Keratin Treatments Work

Keratin Smoothing treatments are a process that should only be handled by a trained professional.

The process involves keratin molecules being deposited onto the hair strand, through an application and heating process, making hair stronger, smoother, and making styling a breeze!

The hair is coated with a Keratin solution (keratin is the protein found in hair) which is then bonded to the hair cuticle using heat from hair dryer and from straightening irons.

The hair structure is not altered.

Typically treatments last between 8-16 weeks with the results tending to improve with each successive treatment.

There are lots of different brands of Keratin treatments on the market. After much research and trials, for best results we recommend Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment.


 Customised Treatments

Keratin treatments can be customised to suit your specific hair type as Kerasilk has two components to its formulation. The first part shapes the hair and the second part smooths all of the hair cuticle. This means that you can still have body on the root and a slight curve under at the base if this is the style you want to try to maintain.

Our stylists will consult with you thoroughly to understand the look you are after to ensure you are 100% happy with your new head of glossy smooth hair.

We are continuously searching for the best product so you can be confident in always receiving the best available in the market place.

Great keratin treatments that deliver outstanding results are more expensive, so please don’t think that the cheapest price will get you the best result.
We recommend using appropriate keratin safe shampoos, conditioners and masks to the life of all keratin treatments.

We would love to offer a complimentary consultation and quotation as not all hair will be suited for a keratin treatment and results will differ from person to person

 Common Questions Asked:

Q: How long will my Keratin Treatment Last?

A: Your first Keratin smoothing treatment will last up to 4 months from first application provided keratin safe product are used. Subsequent applications can last up to 5 months with proper care.

Q: Will a keratin treatment give me pin straight hair?

A: No. Keratin treatments reduce frizz, smooth the cuticle and make hair easier to manage and quicker to blow dry but there is still some body, shape and movement left in the hair. Also, as mentioned elsewhere, the best results for hair treated with keratin is to activate the hair with heat. Blow dry hair with and narrow nozzle and/or a few quick passes of an iron.

Q: Is there anything special I need to do after my keratin smoothing treatment?

A: Observe the following recommendations:

Ideally for 48 hours:

  • Do not wash your hair or get your hair wet (including perspiration)
  • Do not push back hair with sunglasses or hair accessories
  • Do not colour hair within 14 days of your keratin service.

Use keratin safe products recommended by your stylist.

Q: How much is a keratin smoothing treatment?

A: Keratin treatments are priced according to the amount of hair you have, the amount of product required to obtain the desired result and the amount of time required to perform the service. Firm quotes cannot be provided unless we see you in person. As an indication the prices start at $330.

Q: If I like the results can I get a permanent straightening after a keratin treatment?

A: No! The chemicals in keratin treatments and permanent straightening do not work together and should never be attempted!

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