Colouring hair is an art form that requires years of experience, knowledge, skill and technique. People Hairdressing employs master hair colourists of the highest calibre who create bespoke colour artistry for our clients.

No matter what colour or tone you are going for, or what technique is needed, our stylists will work to bring out the best in your hairstyle.
Whether you are going for

A colour service with our hair stylists at People Hairdressing will leave you feeling stunning.

Exceptional colour results require the best quality professional hair colour which is why we use a number of different brands, depending on the specific outcomes that emerge from your colour consultation.


Hair colour does fade

All hair colour fades over time.

Of course, we recommend you purchase the best professional colour safe products you can afford which go a long way to keeping your colour fresh. But the elements, your hair type and natural oxidative processes do have an effect on hair colour.

To keep your colour looking vibrant and fresh from visit to visit, we encourage you to follow your stylist’s next visit recommendations.


Cleaner Colour Technology

We have researched and trialled many ranges and currently align ourselves with Wella Professionals who have the proven technology and results to make sure the best outcome is being achieved with ‘cleaner’ ingredients.

A note about ammonia free colour

While ammonia free colour is available at People Hairdressing, it isn’t always the best choice for you or the colour you’re trying to achieve.

Ammonia has been demonized considerably in recent years by brands marketing themselves as superior because of ammonia free colour. However, current research suggests that alternatives to ammonia such as MEA (the most commonly used alternative), do not offer significant advantages and actually provide inferior colour results.

The ammonia free ranges we do use work excellently for specific cases and in particular colours or shades, but are not suitable for all situations. Your stylist will be able to assist you.



No such thing as organic hair colour.

Many brands purporting to be “organic” only contain a miniscule amount of organic ingredients. To create incredible colour requires science and human safe chemistry.

After 25 years of testing and improving their technology, Wella Professionals have now have released a line of hair colour called Innosense that is free of the two most common allergens: PPD and PTD.

This line has been formulated with a brand new dye molecule called ME+ to prevent sensitivities. How they did this was by researching the PPD dye molecule that is responsible for irritating our T cells, changing the shape of it and creating a dye molecule that cannot bind to our T cells therefore preventing us from having an immune reaction to hair colour.

We are confident to recommend Wella Professionals who continuously look to improve their technology. Should you have any concerns about reactions to colour, please book in with for a hair consultation and skin patch test.

Embracing Your Natural Colour And Transitioning To Grey Hair

We had the pleasure of working with 4 beautiful woman and going on their journey with them to embrace their natural colour with style and grace.

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