Embracing Grey Hair & Transitioning With Ease

If you have been colouring your hair to cover your grey, the thought of stopping can be scary for no other reason than imagining how you’ll survive the time it takes for your natural colour to emerge.

Going grey is a big decision and a process and one that requires experience, knowledge, skill and technique.

A consultation with our grey hair specialists at People Hairdressing will leave you feeling confident that your decision to allow more of your natural colour to shine through is a good one.

Here are the top things you need to understand about growing out your grey hair.

  1. Going grey may mean LESS colour maintenance initially,
    not NO maintenance.

We understand that after years of having your hair coloured that you may feel like a slave to getting your roots touched up every few weeks.

To feel confident and beautiful throughout your grey hair transition, you may still require regular visits to the hairdresser. Depending on the specific outcomes that emerge from your grey hair consultation you might find that the frequency of visits might change, and the type of colour work will be more bespoke and tailored to the way your grey hair is growing out.

  1. No two people are going to go grey in the same way.

So “going grey” really requires a bespoke solution for each individual. You would be surprised at the different patterns: some people have lots of grey hair around the hairline (think forehead, sideburns, and nape of the neck), but not a lot on the top. For others, their grey hair might grow more densely in patches.

  1. Not all grey hair is a pleasant colour.

That’s right, not all grey hair grows out in a flattering colour or tone nor is it uniform in appearance. Often grey hair has unusual tones like yellow or green which need to be corrected.

  1. If you’re going grey you, have to have short hair.

Not necessarily.
Going grey does require an amazing haircut, so we strongly suggest you consider a change in hairstyle.
But you don’t need to get a pixie cut, even though that might be the fastest way to embrace your grey.

Our colour range

We are confident to recommend Wella Professionals who continuously look to improve their hair colouring technology. Should you have any concerns about reactions to colour, please book in with one of our stylists for a hair consultation and skin patch test.

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A Personal Journey In Transitioning To Grey Hair With Ease and Grace